About dressing

por valeriamidena em January 31, 2011

Iris Apfel :: ©IntoTheGloss

In the text “Of the pleasures of variety,” Montesquieu writes: “…stories please us by the variety of relations; romances, by the variety of prodigies; theatrical pieces, by the variety of passions; and that they, who know properly how to instruct us, vary, as much as they can, the uniform strain of instruction. A long uniformity renders any thing insupportable…”

I have been observing for quite some time the uniformity that has caught on city wear. Had it been created today, the saying would be “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you what you wear”. I have trouble understanding what seems to be a collective eagerness for the reproduction of a single standard. I see it as an inversion of that which would be natural – the expression of individuality.

Rare individuals are those who realize that attractive beauty is the one that comes from the particular and the unique. And that elegance is created from the harmony between the unique way of being and the unique way of dressing.

The uniformity of dressing generates monotony and does not render any pleasure, as it opposes to human nature: we are unique in our image and in our way of being. And it is the knowing of our uniqueess that gives our soul comfort and great pleasure.