Unreachable you

por valeriamidena em January 30, 2011

Religar :: Léo Cavalcanti

This song is a delightful surprise, as beautiful as exciting. The second track on the album Religar (Reconnect) – (DeleDela), recently released by Leo Cavalcanti, surprises by the lyrics (which relates self-awareness with the ability to love), the rhythm (fully syncopated) and the melody (which subverts the conventional sequence of theme-chorus), enriched by a sensitive and skilled arrangement. (No less surprising is the preface of the album: knowledge, references and concerns which would be unexpected in such a young author and interpreter.)

Feeling and seeing something so unexpected can be a great source of pleasure. The soul is curious, and the pleasure obtained by encountering the new only increases the desire to seek new things, so that we can revive and extend such pleasure. Perhaps this is why the album as a whole disappointed me – the following songs, though beautiful, seemed to me less exquisite variants, unable to deliver new surprises and new pleasures. (Why don’t we have record singles in Brazil?)

Anyway, this song is a beautiful gift presented to us by a young talent. Contemporary, sensitive and harmoniously unexpected, my ears and my soul are filled with joy and happiness whenever I listen to it.

To learn more: http://www.myspace.com/leocavalcanti